Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping  Site

The IRWM Plan includes a component utilizing a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) internet mapping and collaboration tool.  This tool can be used for grant applications, project planning, monitoring and coordination with local, state and federal agencies.  This portal can also be used to help manage, facilitate and share geospatial data collected by stakeholders involved in water and environmental resources. This portal is open to all federal, state, county and local organizations and can be used by stakeholders to share information with other agencies.  Other data sets can also be embedded or linked to the geospatial data.  Non-geospatial data may include: project information, reports, documents, pictures, plans or environmental studies.
The GIS internet mapping site (IMS) uses a GIS service to locate the project areas of interest or boundaries. These GIS datasets allow the State or Federal agencies to visualize the regional distribution of projects within the Region. The State also can print the reports or map views (GIS) with simple search and sorting tools.  Tools have been developed to save these outputs in PDF or JPG format, as well.   Project summary or detail information can be accessed by clicking on the project name (DMS) or area/location on the map (GIS). 
The GIS IMS has a query tools that allows users to perform keyword searches, and custom queries for all project data within the Monterey Peninsula region.  State and Federal mapping sites that have open access can also be added to a project site.  GIS map tools provide users with the ability to display disconnected layers via a “mash up” service and can be viewed based on varying characteristics such as project sponsor, data type, or project status.  This functionality facilitates collaboration, integration, and identification of multiple benefits.
Getting Started
If you are a member of the public, an open site is available listed as “Overview Site.”  A linked image will connect to a GIS IMS site that will allow you to view current and former projects boundaries for the Monterey Peninsula IRWM region.  IRWM participants, regulatory agencies or members of the public interested in a specific project can access the “Project Sites.”  Similarly, there is an image that is linked to a webpage with a list of the appropriate project sites.   A list of Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) is also available.






"How to" Videos

Introduction:  Navigate a GIS IMS site
Get Microsoft SilverlightVideo: How to Navigate to the GIS Mapping Site
Tools: Basic Tools
Get Microsoft SilverlightVideo: GIS Mapping Site Basic Tools
Tools: Advanced Tools
Get Microsoft SilverlightVideo: GIS Mapping Site Advanced Tools

Create and Print Maps
Get Microsoft SilverlightVideo: GIS Mapping Site Create and Print Maps
Upload Your Project Data
Get Microsoft SilverlightVideo: Upload your data to the GIS Mapping Site
Create a Mashup: Outside GIS Services
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 Q: The Instructional Videos will not play?
  A: If you are using the Chrome or Firefox browsers you may need to install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin.  You will probably see the following icon:
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Just click on the icon and it should send you to the Microsoft website where you can download and install the most recent plugin for your browser.

Q:  How do I add my GIS data to a site?
 A: Only registered participants are allowed to add projects and/data.  You will need to request participation as an IRWM Stakeholder to get a login and password. 
  Q: Some of the sites are locked and require a password.  How do I get the password?
  A: Some sites that have been created by Stakeholders contain proprietary information or are still in the development process and are not ready for public release.  You can contact the Stakeholder to get clearance if you want  to collaborate with them on their project.  They will then contact the GIS IMS administrator to get you a password